On The Road Again: Sharing The Road With Heavy Equipment

Posted on: 8 September 2015

One of the worst things in traffic is to be stuck behind a slowly moving vehicle, especially if you are feeling the pinch of being late for a meeting, a flight or even work. This obstacle to your progress is not made better by the fact that the vehicle is actually labeled as a slow moving vehicle such as construction or excavation equipment. In fact, your impatience is likely to grow and you may then find yourself, and the driver of this vehicle, becoming the perpetrator and recipient of road rage. This and other similar circumstances that facilitate road rage are estimated to happen to about 50 percent of drivers in the U.S.

So how do you find a happy medium for sharing the road with equipment that you probably wished had its own road to drive on? Here are a few suggestions.

Plan ahead

One of the ways in which to control your emotions as you use the road is to plan ahead. You can avoid rush hour and high tension situations if you plan around to either leave home earlier or plan your meetings around times when the traffic will be less. Encountering slow moving vehicles would then not be such an issue. Since the presence of heavy equipment on the road has more than quadrupled the possibility of motor vehicular accidents in 2014, it pays to ensure that you are alert and ready when you are on the road with the possibility of encountering slow moving vehicles.

Since the stress of long commutes and other rude drivers on the road can increase your tension and decrease your attention to the road, planning ahead can certainly be your first defense against being impatient with the slow moving vehicles on the road. 

Pay attention

Heavy equipment is hard to miss since the vehicles tend to be big and bulky and painted in bright yellows and oranges. However, even the sight of them might not be able to pull you out of the lethargy that is often associated with a long commute. Since being pushed for time as well as the temptation towards entertainment becomes increased when you are stuck in traffic, the distractions can cut down your concentration on the road.

Time constraints can also lead to increased blood pressure levels, which can result in more aggressive driving and less attention to the other vehicles and motorists around you. At the same time, distractions such as the use of cell phones can also lead to increased possibilities of accidents. If you have any questions about heavy equipment transportation, visit W G Davis & Sons Trucking Ltd.