Do You Frequently Book Limos? Download An App To Make Your Life Easier

Posted on: 19 July 2016

Whether you book transportation by limousine several times per year for various personal gatherings and events or you run a business in which you schedule limos and town cars for visiting clients or colleagues, you'll often find yourself spending lots of time going through the scheduling process. To save time and effort, it's advantageous to think about downloading an app for this job. There are a variety of such apps on the market that are available for multiple mobile platforms, and they can typically be downloaded for free. With one of these apps on your smartphone or tablet, you'll find that the process of booking transportation will be quicker and easier. Here are some features that you'll enjoy.

Creating A Profile

If you frequently use limo transportation, one of the key advantages of downloading and using an app is that many apps allow you to create an online profile. This means that you can enter all your personal information and your preferred vehicle choice, as well as any other relevant details that you typically provide when renting. Then, when it's time to book your vehicle the next time, you can simply bypass having to provide all these details, as the app will send your profile information to the limo company of your choice. This beneficial feature really makes the rental process as quick and easy as pressing a few buttons — typically just selecting your rental date, time and location.

Tracking The Driver's Arrival

Another key feature that you'll enjoy using on your app is tracking the arrival of the driver on a map. Whether you're riding in the limo yourself or are waiting to give an arrival greeting to someone visiting your business, you'll know exactly where the limo is located and be able to determine exactly how long it will be before the driver and the vehicle reach their destination.

Organizing Your Invoices

If you book limos for work, you may plan to submit your limo receipts at tax time. When you book a limo over the phone or in person, you'll receive a hard copy of your receipt, which you'll need to keep in a file throughout the year. However, with an app, you won't have to worry about yet another file cluttering your office. Your app will have a tab that will list of all your receipts for you, which means that you can simply print everything out when you're ready to file your taxes.

For more information, talk with a local limo service, such as Deluxe Limo and Party Bus, about their mobile app offers and services.