Learn How To Have Valet Parking At Your Formal Wedding

Posted on: 18 August 2017

When you plan a formal wedding, it is important to take the comfort of your guests into consideration. You do not want the ladies to have to walk a far distance while wearing heels and do not want the guests to have to search for a parking spot when they arrive at your reception. Consider hiring a valet parking company to make parking easier for your guests that comes to your wedding. The guide below walks you through the things you need to take into consideration when hiring a valet company to ensure that everything goes smoothly on your big day.

Consider Where the Cars Are Going to be Parked

The first thing you need to do is talk to the manager of the venue to see if there is an area of the parking lot that you can have blocked off for the valet to use to park the cars for your guests. This will keep everything organized and allow the drivers to easily find the cars that they need to find at the end of the night.

Ensure There Are Going to be Ample Drivers Available

It is important to express to the valet parking company how many guests you are going to have at your wedding so that they can be sure to send enough drivers to you. You do not want your guests to have to wait a long time to have their cars parked.

Do Not Require Your Guests to Pay the Valet

Work out an agreement with the valet company to pay for their services on your own, so that none of your guests get charged to park their cars. This will make the process go much faster and ensure that more of your guests use the service that you provided to them. Be sure to include in your invitations the fact that complementary valet parking will be offered at the reception so that everyone can know that it is free for them to use the valet before they arrive.

Be sure to have the valet drivers arrive well before the reception is set to start. This will ensure that they learn the layout of the parking lot and can start to make arrangements to properly organize the keys that they get from your guests. Be sure to specify that you want the valet to be in attire that makes them have a professional look and very noticeable so that your guests can easily find them. For more information, contact companies like Epic Valet Inc.