Pack These Things When You'Re Meeting A Corporate Client For A Limo Ride

Posted on: 17 December 2017

In the business world, deals don't just get done in the boardroom. Many business people enjoy working out deals with clients whenever and wherever they can, and that can include while traveling. If you're riding in a limo with a client, there's no reason that you can't use this time and venue to work on a deal — you may even find that the change of scene helps things move along in a timely manner. If you anticipate wheeling and dealing on the road, it's useful to ensure that you have these things handy for your limo ride.

Laptop With Documents

Although you likely have a lot of business information stored on your smartphone or accessible in the cloud, it can be awkward to sit with your client and look at the same small screen. Things will be much easier if you make a point of packing a laptop with you. Of course, you should ensure that it has all of the necessary documents that you'll need to get your deal done. For example, if the deal involves some financial records, having all of these records loaded into the laptop by your administrative assistant in advance of your limo ride means that you'll be able to access whatever you need.

An Assistant

Deal negotiations can often benefit from someone playing the role of an assistant, so think about taking someone from your office to lend a hand. While you and your client work out the deal as you ride in the limo, your assistant can take notes, record the minutes of the meeting, pull up documents that you need, and even make phone calls to retrieve certain details that might be relevant. You probably don't work on deals in your boardroom without an assistant nearby, so make sure that this trusted individual is present when you're in a limo with a corporate client, too.

Something For A Toast

It's fun to celebrate the occasion when you and your client get a deal worked out. When you're already in a limo, you could have your driver take you somewhere to celebrate. However, if time is pressing, it's a nice surprise to have something to toast with on hand. The limo's fridge is perfect for holding a bottle of champagne or even sparkling water, and limos are customarily equipped with wine glasses to allow you to toast the success of your deal as you travel.

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