2 Tips For Renting A Charter Bus For Your Bachelorette Party

Posted on: 8 November 2019

If you will be getting married soon, you may be busy planning your bachelorette party along with your wedding so that you can have an awesome sendoff before the big day. As part of your plans, you may have decided that you would like for you and your party to go to several clubs or bars, but you do not want to put the responsibility of transporting everyone on one person.

Because of this, you may be looking into renting a charter bus from a company like A Savannah Nite Limousine. If so, use the following tips to help you plan out the evening beforehand while speaking with the rental service.

1.  Have a List of Places Where You Want Your Party to Go

When you first speak with the bus rental service, you will be talking about the locations where the bus will be taking your party as well as about the time for which you will need it. To help assist with this conversation, have a list of places where you and your party want to go ready so that you can show the person at the charter service.

Having a list of desired locations ready and available serves a couple of purposes. First, it will help the rental service representative plan out the exact route so that the bus driver will know where to go. Second, this also helps determine the time you will need the bus so that the approximate rental fees can be calculated to give you an estimate beforehand.

2.  Ask What Amenities Are Available for the Bus Ride

After discussing the route and pricing, another way you can help plan your party evening is to ask what type of amenities are available for the bus ride between locations. Since you are having your bachelorette party, you probably want to make sure that the party continues while you journey to each new bar or club.

If you want to keep the party atmosphere, ask if music is provided for the ride. If not, see if they have a stereo system that you can use to play your own music.

Depending on where you live, you may also be able to have a mini-bar in the bus. If so, see if they will stock your favorite brands and find out the pricing for each one.

Above are just a couple of the tips you can use when setting up transportation for your bachelorette party. For personalized guidance on setting up the itinerary, amenities, and other details beforehand to ensure that the party keeps moving, speak with a representative of the charter bus rental company.