Making Travel Plans For Your Sales Team? 4 Reasons You Need To Utilize A Business Taxi Service

Posted on: 25 July 2017

When you run a business, and your sales team travels extensively, you need them to get to the airport on time. You could have them take their own cars to the local airport, and reimburse them for their expenses, or you could have a business taxi on standby for your traveling needs. Using a business taxi allows you to control the cost of those reimbursable expenses. Here are four reasons why you should utilize a business taxi for your sale teams travel needs.

Guaranteed Rates Throughout the Day

When it comes to business travel, you need to have control over the expenses. You also need to have some stability in the prices you pay for travel services. Utilizing a business taxi service will ensure that you have guaranteed rates, regardless of the time of day your sales teams are traveling. Unlike some ride services that raise their rates during peak travel times, business taxi services offer the same rates regardless of the time, or the day of the week.

Curbside Service

When your sales team travels, you want them to get the best service possible. That's because good service ensures that your sales team won't be stressed out and anxious by the time they arrive at their destination. When you use a business taxi, your sales team will be provided with curbside service, and assistance with their bags. Your sales team won't need to drive themselves to the airport, fighting with traffic, and driving through the parking lot for hours looking for a place to park. Instead, they'll be picked up right in front of the office, and dropped off at the airport, on time, and relaxed.

Quicker Pickup Times

One of the benefits of using a business taxi service for your sales team, is that they'll be picked up on time, every time. When your sales team is working on a tight schedule, you need to know that they won't need to wait for an available car to be in the area. Business taxi services can have a car at your office in a matter of minutes. Those quicker pickup times ensure that your sales team won't have to wait to be picked up.

Airport Access

If your sales team's going to be flying to their next destination, you need them to be dropped off at the airport. Unfortunately, some ride services don't have access to airports for curbside drop-offs. Business taxis have full airport access, which means your team won't be left with a long walk.