Six Things You Shouldn't Assume When It Comes To Hospital NEMT Services

Posted on: 17 May 2023

Hospital NEMT services are essential for many patients who don't have any transportation method available for getting to healthcare appointments. You need to be properly informed if you are in need of such transportation services. 

The following are six things you shouldn't assume when it comes to hospital NEMT services.  

Hospital NEMT services only provide transportation to the hospital.

You don't have to be going to a hospital to take advantage of NEMT services. NEMT services offer transportation to any patient who is in need of assistance with getting around. These transportation services take patients not only to hospitals but also to and from other locations. 

Hospital NEMT services are always delayed.

Some patients fail to take advantage of hospital NEMT services because they think that they are inconvenient and that they typically involve delays. However, this is not necessarily the case. A good hospital NEMT service will offer transportation that is punctual and fast so that patients get where they need to go without any inconveniences. 

You need to have a severe medical condition to use hospital NEMT services.

Hospital NEMT services are not only available to patients who are dealing with a life-threatening health condition. These services are available to patients who need transportation to health care facilities for treating minor conditions or for routine checkup appointments as well.

Hospital NEMT services can also offer transportation to destinations other than healthcare facilities in many situations. 

Hospital NEMT services are too expensive to be affordable.

If you compare the costs of hospital NEMT services with the costs of similar transportation services, you may find that hospital NEMT services are the least expensive option. Hospital NEMT services are often less expensive than ambulance transportation, for example. 

You always have to pay for hospital NEMT services upfront.

You may still be able to benefit from hospital NEMT services even if you don't have adequate funds available to pay for their total cost upfront.

Hospital NEMT services may allow you to pay for transportation through a payment plan if the upfront expenses amount to more money than you have available at the moment. It also may be possible for you to get these expenses covered by your health insurance policy. 

You can only use hospital NEMT services during normal business hours.

Some people think that hospital NEMT services are only offered during standard business hours since they are used in non-emergency situations. However, hospital NEMT services are typically offered around the clock. 

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