3 Tips For Safely Filling Up A Dump Truck When Gutting A Home

Posted on: 1 October 2017

If you are completely gutting a home, instead of renting a couple of dumpsters for all the debris that gutting a home will create, consider renting a dump truck. Renting a dump truck or employing the services of a dump truck is a great way to handle a project, like gutting an entire home, that will create a considerable amount of derby. Just make sure that you are being safe during the loading process.

#1 Find Out What You Can Throw Out

Your local landfill may not accept all of the materials that you find in the home as you get it. Things such as asbestos have to go through a special disposal process, and cannot just be put in the dump truck with all the rest of the junk from the home you are gutting. Also, if you find oils, stains or other similar supplies, those also require a special disposal process.

Be sure to check with the company you are renting the dump truck from and the landfill where you are taking everything to find out what restrictions they have. If you fail to obey those rules, you could end up facing some hefty fines for disposing of materials in an improper manner from the dump truck company and from the landfill.

#2 Start In The Back

When you start filling up the dump truck, you are going to want to start in the back. Fill the back of the truck up first, and then work your way towards the front. Layer the items as you put them in the dump truck. If possible, try to put the heaviest items on the bottom layer of the dump truck. That way, you create a solid base. Then, add lighter weight items to the pile and top it off with some medium weight items. 

That may not always be possible when putting debris into the dump truck, as you may not know all of the material you will encounter when gutting a home. However, being conscious of spreading out the weight will help balance the truck out better.

#3 Don't Overfill The Truck

Find out how full you can fill up the truck. Once you reach the fill limit, do not keep piling on junk. Instead, get another dump truck or rent a dumpster for the rest of the debris. The fill lines are there for a reason and they help protect the driver of the dump truck and nearby drivers as your load is transported to the landfill. 

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