Booking Airport Transportation? Questions You Should Ask Before Booking A Company

Posted on: 14 November 2017

There are many companies out there that offer airport transportation. These companies may either pick you up at your home or hotel and take you to the airport or pick you up from the airport and take you to your home or hotel. However, while there are many companies that offer this service, not every company operates the same way. Before you book any airport transportation company, be sure to ask them these important questions. 

How Many Hours Before a Flight Should Airport Transportation Be Booked? 

One of the key questions to ask is how many hours before the flight the airport transportation should be booked. The transportation company knows more about road work, traffic, and airport security than you. They can help ensure you have enough time to make it to the airport from your destination and comfortably make your flight without rushing or being stressed out over traffic delays. 

How Much Luggage Can Be Brought?

Another important question to ask when booking airport transportation is how much luggage each person is allowed to bring. Some companies will charge you extra if you have more luggage per person than they permit or if you bring over-sized luggage. Always ask this question so you are not surprised with extra fees. 

Do You Track Flights?

If you are using the air transportation service to pick you up at the airport after landing, you will want to ask if they track your flight for you, or if you have to call them when your flight lands. A company that tracks your flight will likely be there waiting for you, which is a huge perk after flying all day. If you have to call when you land, you may be waiting around for your shuttle to arrive. 

What Payment Types Do You Accept?

The last question you want to ask when booking an airport transportation company is what payment types they accept. If you want to pay by credit card, you may either have to pay online or phone in your payment before your ride. Not every airport transportation service has the ability to accept credit card payments on the go. Asking this question helps you to know whether you need to pre-pay or get cash so you are not stuck without a way to pay your driver. 

Knowing what questions to ask before booking an airport transportation company will help you find the company that best meets your needs. It also helps you avoid any surprises, helping to ensure your travel plans go as smoothly as possible. Contact companies like Khider for more information.