3 Things To Know About Renting A Bus For Your Wedding

Posted on: 27 March 2019

If you are getting married at a destination where you are going to need to use a shuttle service for parking, make things a little more fun by renting a charter bus to comfortably transport your guests back and forth between the parking area and the venue or the hotel.

#1 There are Lots of Charter Buses You Can Rent

When it comes to renting a bus for the big day, you have a lot of different options. You can rent a luxury motor coach, which is big and long, like a regular sized public transportation or school bus. This will allow a lot of people to ride the bus all at once while enjoying comfortable seating. Or you can go with a mini-bus, which may be perfect if you have a short shuttle ride where you need to provide transportation for your guests. If all your guests are going to be traveling together as a group, and you want to get the party started right away, renting a party bus may be the best option. A party bus will allow you to stand up, move around, and drink during the bus ride to and from the wedding venue.

#2 Features that Come with a Charter Bus Rental for Your Wedding

Charter buses are very nice. They are not like renting a school bus. Insides, the seats are designed for comfort and luxury, with leather seats. You will be able to access free Wi-Fi inside of the bus. You will be able to dock an iPod or phone and pump your own music to set the mood for the bus.

There will be comfortable restrooms for your guests to use. If you go with a party bus, you can serve and consume liquor for anyone who is of legal drinking age. Champagne coolers will be provided to keep your drinks cool.

#3 Multiple Factors Impact the Cost

To determine the cost of renting a charter bus, you need to call and get a quote as the factors that impact the rental are so vast. The day you want to rent the bus and the time of day you want to rent the bus can impact the overall rental cost. The number of miles that the driver will need to drive are another factor. As a rule of thumb, plan on setting aside at least $500 for the rental, although the best way to know what to budget is by calling and getting a quote.

If you need to transport multiple people for the wedding, renting a charter bus may be the best option for the wedding party and guests. Charter buses are not like school buses, they are designed with luxury and comfort in mind. Call and get a quote for a bus rental from places like Cardinal Transportation Ltd for your wedding today.