Two Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For The Supermoto Motorcycle Adventurer In Your Life

Posted on: 17 July 2019

Buying birthday presents for a motorcycle enthusiast can be tough. For one, most motorcycle replacement parts and upgrades are quite expensive, so it's difficult to shop on a budget. Furthermore, motorcyclists are quite choosy when it comes to their bikes. Unless you're a two-wheel aficionado yourself, it's almost impossible to pick out the correct upgrades that will be useful to your friend or family member.

That fact is especially true when it comes to supermoto riders. They set their bikes up meticulously so that the machine becomes an extension of their own bodies when racing on the track, ripping down the trails, or cruising on the pavement. To avoid throwing money away on unneeded or unfitting mechanical upgrades, consider these three unique gift ideas instead.

A Grab Bag of Maintenance Parts, Oil, and Lube

One thing every hardcore supermoto rider is sure to appreciate is a stockpile of maintenance items to keep their bikes running smoothly. Whether riding competitively at the track or leisurely through the backwoods trails, their bikes take a lot of abuse. Having a collection of spare parts and fluid will ensure that they don't have to miss a day on their bikes due to maintenance needs.

Sneak a peak at the owner's manual of your friend or family member's bike to see what weight of engine and transmission oil it requires. Alternatively, you can type in the year, make, and model of the bike online to find a maintenance guide that will give you all the necessary information. Grab enough oil for multiple fluid changes so that they can keep their bikes properly maintained for months to come. Additionally, throw in supporting maintenance items such as oil filters and air filters so they can perform full maintenance jobs without making a trip to the parts store.

Likewise, supermoto bikes require a lot of external lubrication to protect them against the elements. Chain grease and bearing grease are two of the most common necessities. Stock up on bottles of quality lubrication so that your friend or family member can keep their wheels and chain safe and smooth while ripping through the dirt. 

A Quality Bike Trailer

If you want to be a bit more extravagant, get your friend or family member a quality motorcycle trailer. A lot of supermoto riders on a budget simply toss their bikes into the beds of their trucks, or chain them down to the cheapest secondhand trailer they can get their hands on. A quality trailer will be easier to load, more secure, and will keep their bikes safe when they're driving from trail to trail.

If your loved one likes to go riding with friends, consider a dual motorcycle trailer. That way they can take one of their friends along for their rides without driving separately. They can also use the extra space when traveling solo to bring along spare tires and other parts, as well as all of their riding gear and luggage. It will make trips into the woods or weekends at the track a lot easier to manage compared to stuffing everything into the bed or hatch of a truck.