5 Steps For Getting Your Vehicle Ready For Auto Transport

Posted on: 20 May 2020

If you are preparing to move across the country or if you are preparing to move to another country, such as Canada, an auto transport company can be a great way of getting your vehicle to your new home. An auto transport saves you from having to drive your vehicle thousands of miles to get it to your new home and is especially convenient if you have multiple vehicles to transport.

Before dropping your vehicle off with the auto transport company, where it will be loaded onto a multi-car carrying truck and delivered either directly to your new residence or to a nearby regional depot, you need to prepare your vehicle for the transportation process.

Don't Fill Up Your Tank

You want to have a few gallons of gas in your tank, as your vehicle will need to be driven on and off the multi-car car transport. However, it doesn't need a full tank of gas. A full tank of gas adds extra weight to your car and makes it a little riskier to ship. Keep the gas at or below a quarter of a tank.

Address Any Leaks

Put a piece of cardboard under the front end of your vehicle, where most of the engine and parts are located, when you park your car at night. The next morning, pull the piece of cardboard out and see if there are any fluids on the cardboard.

If there are fluids on the cardboard, call up your mechanic and get them to inspect your car and figure out what is leaking. Get the leak fixed before you ship your car. That way, your vehicle will not leak fluids all over the transport trailer, or on any cars below it if it is on the top level of the transport trailer.

Get the Tire Pressure Just Right

Before taking your vehicle in, check the tire pressure. You want the tire pressure to be just right, not over or under inflated. Properly inflated tires will reduce the risk of your tires getting damaged during the loading and unloading process.

Remove Items from Inside of Your Car

Your car is not a storage unit. You don't want to add extra weight to your car, and you don't want your car to be filled with items that could move around during transport. You also don't want to leave any food in your car, which could leave your car with an unpleasant odor when you open it up again. Remove any items you don't need from your vehicle.

Clean Your Car

Finally, it is a good idea to clean your car before you drop it off for transport. Wipe down and vacuum the inside of your car so that when you get to a new destination, the inside of your car will feel comfortable and new. Wash the outside of your car. Take pictures of your car so you are aware of how your car looks before you transport it.

If you need to move across the country or move to another country, hire an auto transport team to transport the vehicle for you. Keep your gas tank low, fix any leaks, and get the tire pressure just right. Be sure to clean your vehicle up as well! These simple steps will make your vehicle easier to transport and will help protect your vehicle from mishaps as well. Contact a company that offers U.S. to Canada auto transport services to learn more.