3 Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Courier Service

Posted on: 26 July 2021

Courier services provide you with the ability to deliver packages and letters within a certain timeframe. Courier services play an important role in allowing businesses that engage in time-sensitive matters to enhance their overall success.

Working with a courier service doesn't have to be challenging, but it can become frustrating if you make any mistakes that might compromise the efficiency of your deliveries. Here are three mistakes that you will want to avoid if you are trying to streamline your courier deliveries in the future.

1. Using the Wrong Packaging

The type of packaging that you select can play a role in the overall cost and efficiency of your courier deliveries. Courier services typically charge based on the dimensions and weight of a package.

If you select a box or envelope that is much larger than the item you need to be delivered, you will be paying more than you need to for your courier services. Choose packaging that allows you to tightly pack your items within. You will save money and eliminate potential delivery obstacles when you utilize the right packaging when preparing items for a courier to deliver.

2. Scheduling Deliveries Too Late

One of the major benefits that a courier service offers is the ability to select the exact time your package will be delivered. Unfortunately, many people underestimate or overestimate the amount of time it will take for a package to be delivered.

You can expect to pay more for packages that must be delivered within a short period of time after they are picked up from a courier. If you know that you have to send an item, try to schedule the pickup for earlier in the day. Leaving your courier service with a larger delivery window can help you reduce the cost of each package your courier delivers.

3. Providing Unclear Instructions

One common reason courier packages are delivered late is unclear delivery instructions provided by the sender. You want to be as specific as possible when addressing your courier packages.

Include not only the physical address where the package will be delivered, but the floor, suite, and office number for delivery as well. If you want the package to be received by someone specific, list this person's name in the delivery instructions. You should also alert your courier to any unusual directions that can help streamline delivery. These directions can include telling a courier to use a side door or directing a courier to a service entrance for speedier delivery.